Pest Animal Control Products

In Yardener's Helper we offer detailed files about dealing with over 20 pest animals; to see those files Click Here. As we note in those files you really have only four choices in dealing with a pest animal:

You can find some material that repels the animal from your yard.

You can set up some kind of barrier to prevent the animal access to your yard.

You can trap and kill the animal.

Or, you can live with it being part of your yard’s ecosystem.

Each of the pest animal files in the Yardener's Helper give you as many solutions for dealing with a particular animal as seems feasible and appropriate. Generally most people prefer to try repellents before they move to the more drastic solutions, such as fencing. To better understand these products see the files on “Choosing Repellents” or ”Choosing A Fence” on the left.

Multiple Pest Animals
If your landscape is being attacked by several critters simultaneously (deer, raccoons, and rabbits are a common combination) there are two products which can effectively deal with a number of pest animals all at once.

For a repellent, see Scarecrow which is a physical water spritzing repelling device.

For a fence, see the description of the Ultimate Fence Combination.

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