Water Spritzing Repelling Device

SCARECROW is a motion-activated water sprinkling device that repels pest animals such as Cats and Dogs by startling them with an unexpected spritz of water.

SCARECROW is effective in protecting a bird feeder from Squirrels and Pigeons. It will protect the garbage can storage area from Skunks, Opossums, and Raccoons. It is excellent for keeping cranes and Blue Heron out of a water garden. It will protect that ripening corn from the Raccoon that always knows the day the corn is ready to pick. It will protect your veggie patch from Rabbits or Deer and sometimes Woodchucks.

SCARECROW is highly effective, is environmentally friendly and very humane. It does not hurt the animal. The effect of the sudden noise, movement and spray of water is both startling and immediate – animals quickly flee the area and avoid returning in the future! While SCARECROW will activate with the appearance of a Canadian goose or a crow, it will not activate for song-birds.

SCARECROW attaches to a standard garden hose and operates the same way a security light does – it detects the movement or heat of an unwanted critter and releases a powerful jet of water toward the offender. The “brain” behind the SCARECROW is a high-quality motion sensor built into the sprinkler unit. Containing rugged, sophisticated low-energy circuits, the motion sensor uses one 9-volt battery (not included), for thousands of effective, safe activations. SCARECROW uses only two cups of water per activation, which lasts for about 3 seconds. After the blast of water it takes 7 seconds to reset and be ready for the next pest animal

SCARECROW sits on a 18” aluminum pole that is attached to a plastic stake that is pushed into the ground. It can be turned off when the yard is in use

SCARECROW detects animals day and night

It has adjustable detection range up to 35 feet away and covers a range of 45 feet. It can work with a spray of water or be set to deliver a jet of water. There is an optional bracket that can be used in place of the stake. It allows a SCARECROW to be positioned high or low on a wooden post or on the side of a building. It has excellent adjustability to view exactly the spot you want to watch over.

Using Scarecrow
SCARECROW is most effective over time if it is moved to a new location every 5 to 7 days. A deer might decide to try again and if hit from a different direction than it remembers, it is thoroughly spooked.

The SCARECROW is usually effective all by itself in repelling a pest animal and discouraging it from returning. At the same time, in cases where the animal may be starving, it may be necessary to use several different kinds of repellents in succession with SCARECROW to fend off a truly dedicated pest animal.

Get More Information
This product is available in most independent garden centers and some hardware stores. SCARECROW has an excellent warranty policy. If you unit should fail for a reason related to the manufacturing or design within 2 years of purchase, the company will repair or replace it.

The Contech company has a web site at www.scatmat.com.

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