Build and Care For Soil Under Turfgrass

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The condition and health of the soil in which you lawn’s grass plants grow is absolutely critical to the look and condition of your lawn!!! The lawn care tips provided here will help you tackle the issues properly.

The dilemma is how to make sure your lawn’s soil is in good shape since it is covered with grass. The secret to success is to find ways to encourage and increase the population of earthworms and microbes in your soil. If they have decent conditions in terms of air, water, and food, they will take care of the quality of your soil. The two links below tell you how to build and maintain good soil under your turf.

For information about how to assess the current condition of the soil under your turf go to Assessing The Soil Under Your Lawn and check out Adding Organic Matter To The Lawn.



How do I know whether my soil has an organic matter in it?  

Most soil tests will give you an indication by giving you a % figure. e.g. 3% organic matter.  5% organic matter is considered the minimum as an acceptable level.  


Does fertilizer have any organic matter in it?  

Milorganite is the only organic fertilizer to contain a modest amount of organic matter in the package.  


How can I break up compacted clay soil?

Check other pages for more lawn care tips.





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