Caring For Bald Cypress

Caring For Bald Cypress
Mulching - All plants benefit from a 3 or 4-inch layer of mulch. Trees are no exception. Spread some attractive organic material such as wood chips, chopped leaves, bark nuggets or pine needles on the soil under the tree out at least half way to the drip line of the branches. For more info about mulching click here.
Watering - Bald Cypress trees like lots of water and do not mind the occasional flood, although they can handle dry soil too. They especially need generous moisture in late spring when their leaves appear and in the fall prior to going into dormancy. During periods of drought when there is no appreciable rainfall for more than 30 days, be sure and water young trees. Run an overhead sprinkler, dripping hose or drip irrigation for 20 to 30 minutes weekly. Mulch the soil under the tree to help keep soil moist. Do not allow lawn grass to grow under the tree. For more info on watering trees click here.
Fertilizing - Fertilize young trees only after they have been established for a year. Over their first 5 or 6 years use the granular, slow release nitrogen fertilizer that you use on your lawn and other ornamental plantings. In the late fall, sprinkle the fertilizer-about 1/2 pound per 1/2 inch of trunk diameter measured at its base-on the soil around the tree in a circle out to an area twice the distance of the spread of the canopy (drip line). The rain will soak it into the soil. For more info on fertilizing trees click here.
Pruning/Grooming - Routine pruning is not required, as Bald Cypress trees have a lovely natural growth habit. Occasionally a young tree develops 2 main stems and it is advisable to cleanly cut one away so that the maturing tree will have one strong trunk. Prune any damaged or diseased branches promptly, taking care to make a smooth cut along-but not into- the ridge of tree bark called the "collar" where the branch joins the trunk or larger branch. Do not use wound dressing or paint of any kind. For more info on pruning click here.