Caring For Catmint

Caring For Catmint
Month of JanuaryCatmint – No tasks at this time
Month of FebruaryCatmint – No tasks at this time
Month of MarchCatmint - Since hybrid Catmint is sterile and therefore does not produce seeds, the best way to acquire more plants is to divide existing clumps. After 3 or 4 years plants spread into overlarge clumps. In the spring dig up a mature clump of Catmint enough to expose the root system and divide into root balls the size of a grapefruit.
Month of AprilCatmint - Catmint does not require especially rich soil. It can manage without any special fertilization at all. However, a tablespoon or so of an fertilizer sprinkled on the soil around the clump of Catmint in the spring for the rain to soak in will get it off to a good start for the season. Do not let the fertilizer touch plant stems or foliage. Avoid overfeeding that stimulates lush vegetative growth that may attract pests and encourage disease.
Month of MayCatmint – A thin layer of an organic material such as chopped leaves or wood chips spread on the soil around catmint plants will discourage weeds, keep the soil moist and condition the soil as the mulch decays.
Optional - Some people like to stake Catmint, but for most varieties it is really not necessary.
Optional – Pinch tips in late May or early June to delay flowering and make the lant more compact.
Month of JuneCatmint – This plant will bloom in June and July; sometimes into August . Deadheading this plant is not necessary. Catmint makes a very nice cut flower for the indoor arrangement.
Month of JulyCatmint – This plant is quite drought tolerant. Water only in extended dry periods. Bees and butterflies are attracted to these flowers.
Optional - After the flowers are spent, shear the plant back to 2/3 of its size to force lush new growth and sporadic rebloom.
Month of AugustCatmint – This plant is quite drought tolerant. Water only in extended dry periods.
Month of SeptemberCatmint – Catmint is attractive to many yardeners because it is not attractive to either deer or rabbits that can be a nuisance in some areas.
Month of OctoberCatmint – Cut back the plant to ground after several killing frosts. Apply about 2 inches of mulch for the winter.
Month of NovemberCatmint – No tasks at this time
Month of DecemberCatmint – No tasks at this time

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