Caring for Goldenrain Tree

Maintain a year round 2 or 3 inch layer of some organic mulch, such as chopped leaves or wood chips, in a circle over the root zone of the Goldenrain tree to help the soil stay moist and protect its trunk from weed trimmer and mower damage. Never let it pile up against the tree trunk. For more information see the file on Using Mulch.

Water regularly if rain is sparse until the tree is established.

Golden Raintrees will definitely benefit from an annual application of slow-release granular fertilizer, however in most landscapes, they will survive just fine without that supplement. For more information see the files on Fertilizing Trees and Choosing Fertilizers.

Pruning - Early on, the tree will develop more branches with light pruning in the first few years. Prune damaged branches promptly. Prune for shape, or cut crowded or rubbing branches during dormancy in late winter. Always cut back to the crotch where the branch or twig is attached. Always cut away any dead wood. Rub off any latent buds that emerge from pruning site before they become woody. For more information see the files on Pruning Shade and Flowering Trees and Choosing Pruning Tools.

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