Catmint Problems

Catmint Problems
SymptomsProbable Causes
Holes at Edge or Middle of LeavesCaterpillar
Dark Spots on LeavesLeaf Spot, a fungal disease
Foliage Dies BackStem Rot; replace the plant
Plants Crushed; Stems Matted on GroundCats

Plants Crushed; Stems Matted on Ground indicates Cats
Cats are well known for their fondness for catnip and sometimes this attachment extends to catnip cousins such as hybrid catmint. Attracted by the aromatic foliage, especially any that has dried out, cats may push against plant stems, knocking them over. Often they roll about on the fallen plants, crushing tender stems and leaves. While this is not likely with hybrid catmint, should it occur, the only recourse is to construct a round cylinder of turkey wire, or other material that is sturdy, to surround the target catmint plant. As the plant matures and becomes bushy, some stems are likely to protrude from the cage to tempt local felines, but the main plant will be supported and protected. For more information see the file Dealing With Cats

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