Choices of European Beech

Better Varieties:
`Albo variegata' leaves are green with white;
`Asplenifolia' (Fernleaf Beech) has feathery foliage;
`Cuprea' (Copper Beech) has reddish-bronze foliage;
`Laciniata' (Cutleaf Beech) has wide, deeply-cut leaves;
`Pendula' has weeping branches;
`Rosea-marginata' has purple leaves with pink borders and needs more shade.
‘Atropunicea’ (‘Purpurea’, ‘Purpurea Latifolia’) is the true deep purple form, sometimes called Copper beech in those cases where the leaves are a paler purple.
‘Fastigata’ is narrow.
‘Tricolor’ foliage is purple edged in cream and pink.
Weeping beech (^Fagus sylvatica^ ‘Pendula’) has drooping branches.

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