Choosing Geraniums

New Geranium Releases

New For 2003
Geranium 'Florever™ Red' Bred to be pollen-free, so they don't set seed, means continuous flowering long after other geraniums have gone to seed. This extended season color requires little or no maintenance. Well-branched, free flowering with strong stems, 'Florever' delivers excellent garden performance! (Grown by S&G Flowers)

Geranium 'Speedy Mix' An Ivy Geranium mixture of pastel lilac shades, fast growing and strongly branching. Its well-spreading plant habit makes 'Speedy' ideal for window boxes, tubs and hanging baskets. (Grown by Hem Zaden B.V.)

New For 2002
Geranium 'Ringo 2000 Coral' - Bright salmon-orange with deep green foliage. The earliest-flowering series on the market that still offers exceptional garden performance. Ringo Series includes 13 separate colors. (Grown by Syngenta)

Geranium F1 'Black Magic Rose' AAS Bedding Plant Winner - Unique bicolor leaves; dark brown centers with green margins. Large rose umbels; free flowering plant. Height 10-14 inches, spread 14-18 inches. (Grown by Sahin)

New For 2001
Geranium, Ivy 'Summer Showers White Blush' The "cat's meow" inivies! Pink "whiskers" accent the big, pure white blooms - which blush to light pink at maturity. The loose flower heads and distinctive ivy leaves cascade beautifully from basket, tubs, planters and window boxes all season. (Grown by PanAmerican Seed)

Additional Geraniums To Consider

Zonal (Pelargonium x hortorum):
`Alba', white, semi-double flowers, dark green foliage;
`Blues', pink flowers with rose markings.
b‘Freckles’ (pink with red spots and white “eyes”) Winner All-America Selections 1991.
‘Gloria', salmon-orange;
`Mars', considered by many to be the best red;
`Polka', a carmine color with a purple cast.
‘Starburst Red’ is large flowers, white florets with streaked with scarlet. 1995 FloraStar winner.

Floribunda class geraniums bear smaller blooms, but many more of them. Plants spread and stay low and are self branching. They require full, hot sun. They are well suited to the Midwest and Plains as well as the South where summers are hot. They do not keep over the winter as dormant rooted plants the way zonals do. These won FloraStar recognition in 1990:
‘Marilyn’ bright pink;
‘Judy’ medium coral;
‘Grace’ light pink.

Ivy geraniums (Pelargonium peltatum):
`Romy', true red;
`Solidor', salmon-rose semi-double flower
`Snow Queen', white flowers with magenta throats;
`Charles Turner', rose pink;
`Jeanne d'Arc', lavender with dark stripes.

Cascade hybrids are more appropriate than ivy types in regions where hot. They are bred for container growing and to handle heat and humidity. They have a compact, trailing habit and bloom irrepressibly.

Regal geraniums (Pelargonium x domesticum):
`Gustave Emich', flowers bright red and double;
`Mrs. Lawrence', double pink flowers;
`Paul Crampel' a longtime favorite, single red flowers;
`Queen of the Whites', single white flowers.

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