Choosing Zoysia

Zoysia is considered by some yardeners to be the most beautiful of all the southern grasses, but like its competition, Bermudagrass, it is a very high maintenance grass. Zoysia typically forms a heavy thatch layer, which requires periodic removal. It has a slow recovery rate from damage and requires more fertilizer than most grasses. Because it is very dense when established, it does not suffer weed infestation but is more difficult to mow. The farther north the lawn, the sooner it earlier in the fall it turns brown and goes dormant and the longer it stays brown into the spring.

Zoysia grass is installed with plugs and usually takes two full years to fill in completely. Once established it continues to spread into flower beds and even into the neighbor’s lawn. Experiments with interplanting zoysia and turftype tall fescue to keep the lawn green all year long are underway.

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