Cinch Mole Trap Kit

  • Two Trap Kit Perfect for Mole Control
  • Manufactured since 1909
  • Made in the USA (Oregon)
  • Approved by the U.S. Forest Service
  • Durable and easy to use







A Customer review

Ever since moving into my house 5 years ago, I have been having mole problem in the lawn in almost every spring, because there were lots of moles in my neighborhood. Most of time I just applied repellent purchased from Homedepot and Lowes and it seemed to work well.
This winter my backyard fence collapsed in the storm, after fixing the fence, I noticed that the moles started to invade my backyard, and soon settled in the lawn. I tried repellent and sonic spike first as usual, nothing worked; then I tried poisonous gasm bait, and Sweeneys plunger mole trap, everything I could find in local hardware store, still no lucks.
I did lots of online research and came to notice the cinch trap that recommended in this review:
I purchased 2 mole traps kits from and recieved them in 3 days. I setup 3 traps yesterday afternoon, it took me about 15mins (there was a video on their website). In the evening two traps got fired and killed 2 moles. I removed dead moles and setup 3 traps again. I checked again this morning, none of them got fired. I did not notice any mole activities in my lawn since last night(usually there would be one or two new mole "hills" everyday), so looks like all the moles got killed. It save me about $300, since my local pest control company will charge $99 for setting up the trap, and $100 for each mole trapped.

Please note that there are two sizes of mole traps: regular one for most states and smaller one for CA. I ordered the regular one since I was not aware of the smaller trap. I came to notice the smaller one after my order was shipped. I was worried and called cinchtrap support, the lady said as long as the trap can fit snugly into the tunnel then it should be fine. It turned out that the regular trap is just slightly larger than the tunnel so I did not have much problem setting them up. So if you are not sure which size is right, you should call them first.

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