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Deer Away Deer and Rabbit repellents are designed to protect plants, trees, and shrubs from browsing damage caused by deer and rabbits. Deer Away is made from putrescent egg solids that smell very bad to deer and rabbits. It offers a mild and not objectionable odor to people. Because Deer Away is an odor repellent, as opposed to a taste repellent, they repel the critter BEFORE they take their first bite.

Because the Deer Away material actually bonds with the plant its effect lasts for up to three months. The contains a latex polymer that resists washing off. In some case it may be effective even longer.

Deer Away works to repel White-tailed deer, Black-tailed deer (mule deer), rabbits, and elk.

Deer Away was developed by Weyerhaeuser Paper Company to protect its vast timberlands throughout the world. In numerous governement and university studies, Deer Away has proven 85 to 100% effective at preventing deer damage to plants, trees, and shrubs,

Plants Tested With Deer Away
The following plants have been tested and are listed on the EPA label.
Conifer seedling
Yew – Japanese and Canadian
Arborvitae – Pyramidal and Globe
Flowering Crabapple trees
Scotch Pine
White spruce
Fruit and citrus trees in dormant stage
Ornamental shrubs
While not tested by the EPA additional plants have tested positive including apple trees, cedar, ash, hosta, and dogwood.

Several factors affect repellent performance of Deer Away. If the deer population is limited and the food supply is plentiful, deer will simply change their browsing area because of the odiferous repellent. Under extreme conditions, such as continued heavy rainfall, excessive deer pressure or rapid new growth of plants, more frequent applications may be required. You can tell you need a new application when you start seeing some new deer or rabbit damage.

Do not use Deer Away on edible food crops. Since it is formulated for long-lasting repellency, it bonds to the plnat and will not wash off edible produce.

Deer Away has been proven effective in university and government tests; it is the ONLY repellent used by the U.S. Forest Service. Deer Away is guaranteed effective. If a customer is not completely satisfied with the product’s performance, the manufacturer will refund the purchase price. That guarantee appears on every package.
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