Deer Off by Woodstream

Deer Off is a deer repellent providing double the protection with its patented DUAL DETERRENTä system. It prevents deer damage by providing both an odor and a taste barrier. Deer Off’s active ingredients are all-natural food based ingredients including eggs, hot pepper, and garlic. Deer Off is weather resistant in that it is effective for up to 3 months. It will not wash off in rain or snow. It is now in the approval process of the EPA to become approved as a repellent for other pest s such as rabbits, squirrels, pigeons, and others.

The Deer-Off solution produces an odor and taste factor that is offensive to animals but is mild enough not to bother humans. This highly effective food-based product deters deer from browsing on valuable ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees. Because the deer do not like Deer Off’s scent and taste they choose to browse elsewhere. Deer often return to a site which they’ve recently visited “just to check”, but since Deer Off lasts over 3 months, those additional visits simply convince the deer to cross your yard off their visiting list.

Deer Off is registered for protecting bulbs, flowers, trees, shrubs, seedlings. It comes as a spray either in a Ready To Use container or as a concentrate that is mixed in a compression sprayer or spritzer bottle. Make sure you shake the bottle well before spraying. Deer Off should be applied when air temperatures are above 40F. You should avoid spraying the product when the vegetation is already wet or if it is a windy day.

The RTU quart spray bottle should treat up to 500 square feet of area or about 50 shrubs under four feet tall. The concentrate, when mixed with water, should cover about 4000 square feet of yard. Deer Off is not appropriate for edible food crops in the vegetable garden. It is useful on fruit trees in their dormant stage, but not when fruit is set.

In most cases, Deer Off is needed only once in a season because of its long term effectiveness. Deer just get tired of trying and leave your yard for some other territory. By spraying towards the end of November to the beginning of December, you will continue to protect your plantings through February. In the late fall and winter months, in order to protect evergreen shrubs from loss of moisture, winter kill, windburn and drought, use an anti-desiccant along with Deer Off. This process doubles your protection.

Spray leaves, stems and branches thoroughly until run-off or the leaves look wet.

Protect Bulbs – Dip your bulbs in Deer Off concentrate for approximately 5 minutes before planting to protect against damage from deer, and other animals. Allow the bulbs to dry before planting them.

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