Deerbusters Systemic Repellent Tablets

Systemic Deer Repellent by Deerbusters

These Systemic Tablets Come In A 50 pack
Giving plants an extremely bitter taste these systemic tablets are absorbed naturally into the plant and will last for up to 3 years. Simply place tablets near ball root and the bitterness absorbs into the plants system. This product takes approx. 30 to 45 days to take effect and must be used when the plant is not dormant.

These tablets are available in some independent garden centers and on the web at the Deerbusters Web Site.

Application Guides For Systemic Tablets
Seedling Height Rootball# of
6"-12"0.50 Gal.1
10"-24"0.50 Gal.2
6"-12"1.0 Gal.2
10"-24"1.0 Gal.3
24"-36"2.0 Gal.4
28"-40"3.0 Gal.5
32"-44"4.0 Gal.6
36"-48"5.0 Gal.8
>48"Apply 2 per foot height.

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