Dr T's Squirrel Repellents

Dr. T's Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent

Dr. T's Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent is a natural product made from food grade ingredients. This environmentally friendly product is effective in repelling squirrels that feed on bulbs and flowers. It is long lasting and protects by providing both an odor and taste barrier that will deter gnawing squirrels.

This product strategically contains putrescent egg, garlic and mint. The egg emits the smell of an animal protein that deters squirrels because they are strict herbivores or plant-eaters. The garlic and mint in this product affects the senses of taste and smell. This will deter squirrels from gnawing and digging up bulbs.

Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent will not change the color or texture of plants and leaves no residue, keeping flowers and plants beautiful all year long. Spraying branches, stems and leaves thoroughly from all sides until run off occurs or until leaves appear wet will protect plants for two to three months. Re-treatment is necessary at the beginning of each season, as new growth appears or after heavy rains.

Deer, Rabbit and Squirrel Repellent is cost effective. The concentrate solution mixes 7:1. One gallon treats up to 15,000 square feet or about 1,500 shrubs 4 feet high. The cost breakdown comes to less than $2.00 a pint.

More information about this repellent and other Dr. T's repellents is available at www.animalrepellents.com.
o All-natural product.
o Food grade ingredients.
o No harmful chemicals.
o Biodegradable
o Animal and Environmentally friendly .
o Developed with a triple action formula to ensure maximum deterrence.

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