Feeding Titmice

In the Wild
In addition to the animal protein they get from insects during the warm seasons titmice eat seeds, acorns, berries and nuts from grasses, trees and shrubs that grow wild in the areas they inhabit. During the cold seasons they depend on acorns, pine cones, beech, corn, apples, and fruits from hackberry, bayberry, blackberry, elderberry, mulberry, blueberry, grape, serviceberry, Virginia-creeper, ragweed and sunflowers. Plain titmice also like cherries, oats, star thistle, poison oak, poison ivy and walnuts.

At the Feeder
While most birds have distinct preferences for feeding style, titmice are extremely flexible. They will eat seeds, fruits and/or suet. They prefer to eat from a hanging or pole-mounted feeder, but they will visit a platform bird feeder or eat even from the ground if the menu looks good.

Attract titmice to your yard by offering suet, suet cake, or peanut butter mixes, stale baked goods, shelled peanuts, peanut kernels, sunflower hearts and seeds, other nutmeats, safflower and thistle seed, mealworms and cantaloupe seeds. Be sure and supply a dependable source of fresh water for feeder customers year round. Run the fountain or waterfall on your water feature or set up one or two birdbaths on your property.

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