Freezing Water in Winter

In areas where winter temperatures freeze natural water sources, your birdbath is often the only source of water for birds. Any moisture they get from eating snow or ice places so much stress on their metabolisms that the result is essentially negative. There are several ways to prevent available water outdoors from freezing.

Keep waterfalls and fountains running in water gardens and ponds during freezing weather.

Locate birdbaths in the sun so that the water melts for at least part of the day.

Add boiling water to the birdbath at some routine time each day so the birds learn to come when the water is not frozen. Note: some birdbaths may crack from the temperature contrast.

Set out a plastic pan of hot water every morning or late afternoon about the same time and place every day on a regular basis when the temperature is below freezing. Very soon the birds will discover the pan of water and enjoy a drink. In extreme cold, cover the pan with wire mesh so that the birds do not bathe or wet their feet and risk freezing to a perch shortly afterward.

Float ping pong balls in the water in ponds and birdbaths. Their gentle movement on breezy days will retard the freezing of the water.

Install a heater in the birdbath. Install a low voltage birdbath heater on your existing birdbath. It automatically turns on when the water temperature approaches freezing. Some birdbath models are already wired with heaters.


  • Safely maintains open water to 20-degree below zero Fahrenheit
  • Natural color and 18-inch cord blend in with nearly every birdbath
  • May be spray painted any color but the existing durable enamel finish is easy to clean
  • Thermostatically controlled, using only 50 watts
  • UL Listed
  • The unique design and low energy consumption aren-foott the only reasons Ice Eliminator has become a best seller. Let-foots just list a few more... Solid aluminum housing keeps the unit from falling out of the birdbath. Attractive rock-like design blends naturally with any birdbath. Spray paint any color to match any birdbath. Will not calcify, rust, or leave stains in birdbaths. Won-foott burn or melt plastic birdbaths. Being only 50 watts, it saves $ vs. most other brands. Three year limited warranty.


  • Fits most bird baths - pottery, concrete or plastic up to 10 quart capacity
  • Immersion-type electric heater is rated 200 watts at 120 volts and costs little to operate
  • Heater shuts off automatically in 60 seconds when operated out of water
  • Stainless steel coil spring protects tubular heating element from damage by impact
  • Includes stabilizing bracket for use with shallow bird baths; hook on handle helps prevent heater from accidentally being pulled from bath
  • It's almost impossible for birds to find water in cold winter weather. With Nelson's Bird Bath Heater you can maintain an ice free bath to attract birds and keep them coming back even in sub-zero weather. Simple and easy to use, just plug it in and enjoy seeing wild birds in your bird bath all winter long. Fits most bird baths including pottery, concrete or plastic up to 10 quarts. capacity. Snap-acting thermostat keeps water at 40-50 degrees. Heater shuts off automatically in 60 seconds when operated out of water. New polyethylene coated aluminum sheath keeps cord out of water and can easily be shaped by hand to adapt heater to baths of different sizes and shapes. Includes stabilizing bracket for use with shallow bird baths. 200 watts.


  • Decorative birdbath de-icer
  • Constructed of cast aluminum with a decorative colored finish to resemble a flat rock
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary
  • Safe in all birdbaths
  • 75 watts
  • This decorative birdbath de-icer is constructed of cast aluminum with a decorative colored finish to resemble a flat rock. It's thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary and is safe in all birdbaths. Three year limited warranty.
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