Getting to The Details

Getting To The Details
In Yardener’s Tool Shed there are a number of detailed files about using each of the insecticide categories that are recommended in Yardener’s Helper. Those files covered on the natural side include pyrethrins, soaps, oils, Bacillus thuringiensus, diatomaceous earth, and neem. For the synthetics these files help you understand the pyrethroid chemistries and other products that are safe and effective in the landscape. These “Using” files may be helpful in assisting you in your choice of insecticide product.

Different Sizes and forms – Within each insecticide category you will often find that the product comes in two or three sizes and it sometimes comes in either liquid or powdered form. Some products come ready to use (RTU) and others need to be mixed with water. Again the individual files on each insecticide are helpful in sorting those choices.

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