Organic Products To Kill Insects

Selecting the proper insecticide for you can be a daunting task when faced with the lines of dozens of insecticde products in a well stocked garden center. Since we see ourselves as the first organic Internet garden center, we feel we can help you sort through all the smoke and mirrors. 

Your task is not all that complicated:

You need to know the bug your are trying to control; that is critical

Select the right insecticide for you that will actually control the target insect.

Use the product correctly according to the label.

Store the product correctly to avoid accidents with children.

That's not too difficult. 

You don't start here.  You start in the file for the plant you believe is being attacked by a horrible insect.  Then you go to the insect that has been targeted.  Then you will know what in this section you need to look at. 

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