Natural Insecticides

A natural insecticide is one that is manufactured using materials that come from nature, rather than from materials that have been synthesized from various chemicals. Don't make the mistake. Natural Insecticides are made up of chemicals, just as are synthetic products. What makes them different is the source of those chemicals.

Natural products are made from certain flowers, or an oil from a tree, or some bacteria that is beneficial.

Natural insecticides are synonymous with what are called "organic" insecticdes. Natural insecticides tend to bio-degrade quickly in a matter of hours or days. They have been proven by the test of time to be relatively harmless to the health of the general ecosystem of the home landscape.

These products are effective and will do what the label on the container says AS LONG AS YOU USE THE PRODUCT ACCORDING TO INSTRUCTIONS!! However, more often than with the synthetic insecticides, you will need to make several applications of some of the natural insecticides to be totally effecitve.

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