Dormant Oils

Horticultural oils are highly refined so that compounds toxic to plants are removed. Considered effective and safe, they can be used to control insects as well as diseases. The types of oils available for pest control include dormant oils and summer oils.
Dormant oils are used during the winter season when plants are dormant to control over-wintering stages of insects such as aphids, spider mites and scales. An oil applied during the dormant period will suffocate the over-wintering eggs of aphids and spider mites, or suffocate the adult in the case of scales.

Oil phytotoxicity (damage to a plant) can occur if the product is not used properly. Plant damage can occur when: 1) too much is used; 2) plants are under water stress; 3) temperatures are over 90 F; and 4) when dormancy is mistaken (i.e. spraying too early in the fall). Wait until December to February to apply dormant oils. Temperatures must be above 45 F.

Ortho Volck Oil Spray Concentrate - Pint 0168160

by Ortho

  • Destroys overwintering insects and their eggs
  • Controls scale insects, red spider mites and mealybugs on many fruit and shade trees
  • One pint makes over 6 gallons of growing season spray or 3 gallons of dormant spray
  • Easy to apply with Ortho Dial 'N Spray, hose-end or tank sprayer.
Spray when air is calm to avoid drift. Spray when temperature is above 40�F but below 85�F. If temperature is expected above 85�F, spray in early morning or late afternoon when it is cooler. During the growing season, spray when insects are present or feeding injury is first noticed. Spray up to 4 times, waiting 2 weeks between each application. During the dormant season, spray dormant shrubs and trees once in late winter or early spring. For outdoor use only. On conifers, roses, shrubs and trees, including apples, apricots, cherries, peaches, pears, plums and citrus (grapefruits, lemons, limes, oranges and tangerines). Do not use on Maidenhair ferns, red maples, Japanese maples or non-woody plants unless otherwise specified. Volck Oil Spray may cause discoloration to blue spruce. Insects: Spider mites, scales, mealybugs, whiteflies, hemlock woolly adelgids and lacebugs, insect eggs (including codling moth, gypsy moth, oak moth, spider mite and tent caterpillar eggs) plus sooty mold.
Foliage protection. Dormant use to control scale insects, red spider mites and mealybugs on many fruit and shade trees. Excellent as an indoor plant polish. 1 quart makes 6 gallon of dormant spray or 12 gallon growing season spray. Contains: 97% Petrolium

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