Ginkgo Choices

Because of the fruit problem, the male gingko is definitely preferable for the home landscape, however choosing from among young trees is something of a gamble. They do not flower for at least 20 years at which time they will be about 25 feet tall. So buy your tree from a reliable nursery and get a male tree. Some good male Ginkgoes include Lakeview which is a variety that is narrowly conical and grows 45 to 55 feet. Autumn Gold starts upright, then spreads. It grows to 45 feet with a spread of 35 feet. It is non-fruiting and has excellent fall color. Princeton SentryĆ¢ is narrow and dense and will grow to 40 feet and spread only about 15 feet. Mayfield grows to about 30 feet and is columnar and narrow. Fairmount grows upright. Shangri-laĆ¢ is a compact variety growing 45 feet with a spread of 25 feet. Great bright yellow fall color.

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