Harvest and Storage of Chervil

When To Harvest- The leaves are ready to harvest 6 yo 8 weeks after planting. Most culinary herbs are best picked early in the morning just as the dew evaporates.

Best Fresh Storage Method - Chervil is best when used immediately, but will keep for several days sitting in a jar of water covered with a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Best Long Term Storage Method - Chervil can be frozen in lastic bags, and will keep for 6 months; it also freezes well mixed with butter or oil.

Second-Best Long Term Storage Method - dry the leaves rapidly in a commercial dryer or oven (chervil’s flavor fades with slow drying). And store in an air-tight container: Dried chervil will keep for 1 year.

Kuchenprofi No-Mess Herb Grinding Mill
by Kuchenprofi
    •    The effortless way to chop fresh herbs; pop leaves and sprigs into the hopper, turn the crank and internal blades do the chopping
    •    Screw-off jar
    •    No exposed blades; no nicked fingers; no tired wrists
    •    18/10 stainless steel hopper and lid; 6-3/4 inches high by 3-3/4 inch diameter
    •    Dishwasher safe
Chop fresh herbs without a knife! Simply pop leaves and sprigs into the hopper of the Kuchenprofi Herb Grinding Mill, turn the crank and internal blades do all the chopping for you, depositing evenly minced results into the screw-off jar below. No sharp blades, nicked fingers or tired wrists! Dishwasher safe 6-3/4-inch high by 3-3/4-inch diameter.


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