Food Gardening

Yardeners tend to shy away from trying to grow any vegetables or fruits or berries because they think it is too difficult and that it takes up too much valuable time. While we don't advocate starting off with a huge vegetable garden and a small backyard orchard all at once, we do recommend you try a few veggies and maybe a couple of culinary herbs. You will discover that when you start slowly, it is not difficult to grow some tasty veggies, and when you know what you are doing (which of course we tell you) it takes relatively little time.

So give it a try!

Years ago, the primary reason for growing your own vegetables was to save money in the food budget. Today with virtually every common vegetable available in the super market every month of the year, the reason to grow you own vegetables is mostly to have better flavor and nutrition from the vegetables you grow yourself.

Getting Started

Click on the button up on left called "Basics of Vegetable Gardening".  We break up the process of having a veggie garden into steps that are easy to understand and easy to follow.