Vegetable Files

Choosing Vegetables To Grow
The most common problem for beginning vegetable gardeners is trying to grow too many different vegetables in the first year. You need to remember that every different vegetable - green beans, sweet peppers, to tomatoes - all have slightly different cultural requirements to be happy. They produce ready to pick fruit at different times in the season. They all have their own set of pest insects. They all have their own needs for water and fertilizer.

Our advice, if you are a newbie, is to select no more than ten vegetables and make sure they are the favorite vegetables for you family. It is easy to grow radishes, but if you are the only one in the family that likes them, then maybe they should be on the list for next year's crop.

Here is a set of files for just about every vegetable grown in America. There are other files in Yardener's Helper that might be valuable in your early years of food production; check them out.

Taking Care of Soil

Fertilizing Vegetables

Watering Vegetables


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