Indoor Watering Cans

 Watering cans for indoor plants are most effective in they have a fairly long spout allowing you to reach in amongst a houseplant grouping and be able to water them all without having to move a plant.


Esschert Design USA 2023 Secrets du Potager Indoor Watering Can

by Esschert Design USA

  • This watering can has been designed to form a fine jet of water
  • Water your plants with surgical precision
  • Holds approximately 1.5 quarts of water

For those who are passionate about gardening, love nature and have an eye for detail, we have created the Secrets du Potager Collection. Tending your garden calls for passion and time. To help make your gardening easier, we offer you a series of practical utensils for cultivating and tending your kitchen garden and plants. You will love them and the work will be almost effortless! This watering can has been designed to form a fine jet of water for your delicate indoor plants. You can now water your plants with surgical precision from a reasonable distance.

Haws Mister & Houseplant Watering Can Gift Set

by Haws

  • Gift set containing a Haws Handy 1 pint watering can and a nickel plated Haws plant mister
  • Great gift to any houseplant lover
  • Both products made in England.
  • Packed in a gift box
  • Specail price for this color combination: nickle mister and silver gray watering can

Haws has been making watering cans in England since 1886. Haws is known for making the finest watering cans in the world. This gift kit includes a quality mister to 'sprit' airplants, bonsai, cactus or any houesplant that need extra moisture PLUS the Haws Handy one pint watering can made in from molded plastic. It is a very strong can and comes with a removable small 'rose' (sprinkler head) that is ideal for watering seedlings. All packed ina gift box. This is an ideal gift for anyone who is houseplant gardener.

Enki® Watering System


  • Super-Oxygenating Watering Device
  • Stimulates growth and improves plant strength and health
  • Experience a dramatic increase in the number of flowers
  • Your fruit and vegetable yield will astound you

Bigger plants, more flowers, stronger roots, MORE! With the Enki Watering System! Tested and proven at the University of Minnesota... this Watering System's oxygen-adding technology increases plant health and yield! Ordinary tap water becomes "super water," making more plentiful fruits and vegetables and bigger and more colorful flowers. Durable 1-gal. pitcher has patented electrolysis plates that add oxygen, to 3-5 times normal levels, for powerful, all-natural growth stimulation; Tests showed +22% to +58% increases in various plants; Elongated no-spill spout; 6'1" AC power cord; Approx. 16 1/2 x 6 1/2 x 12"h. Weighs 1 lb., 15 ozs. Spring into action, get it! Enki Watering System

Haws Indoor Watering Can - Copper (1 Liter)

by Bosmere

  • Haws indoor copper watering can - 2 pints capacity
  • Comes with removable all brass sprinkler rose for watering seedlings
  • Hand Made in England
  • Great gift for any gardener
  • Will last for ever

Made from 100% copper, this can is the most elegant, practical gift for any gardener This can has been designed specifically for precise watering of indoor plants. The spout of the can is both curved and tapered to ensure that water is directed to where it is needed and at a gentle rate. A removable all brass mini sprinkler rose is included for watering seedlings. The can is made in England by Haws - makers of the finest watering cans in the world since 1886. Capacity of the can is 1 liter...about 2 US pints.

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