Watering Equipment

Watering equipment is about doing a watering job most effectively in the least amount of time and trouble. We would not usually water our lawn with a watering can. At the same time we are not likely to water a container of plants with an oscillating sprinkler.

Watering equipment is something that we feel warrents considering the highest quality items which of course usually means the most expensive. Properly cared for, most watering equipment items are going to last a long time; in some cases a lifetime. There is nothing more irritating that having a cheapie garden hose that kinks all the time. Watering equipment is often left outside exposed to the elements, sometimes all winter long even when not being used. That is another reason to seek out quality products; they last longer when stressed.

We've divided up this section into products for watering the lawn, for watering outdoor plants, and for watering plants indoors. Let us know if we have missed some product you feel is important.

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