Hoses For The Landscape

Anatomy of A Garden Hose
Hoses are made of rubber, nylon, plastic or vinyl flexible tubing--consisting of two or more plies (layers) of material and in higher grades, an integrated reinforcing mesh. In general, vinyl hoses are lighter than rubber, and more resilient and resistant to kinks that can halt the steady flow of water. Rubber is considered strongere and less susceptible to cuts and abrasions. Newer hoses combine the benefits of vinyl and rubber.

Much like tires, hoses are rated by the amount of pressure it takes to make them burst, measured in pounds per square inch (psi). A hose may be rated from 50 to 600 psi. Since you are not to worry about a hose bursting, these figures make sure that the hose you are buying can withstand as much water pressure as your household pipes--that is, at least 40 and as much as 90 psi.

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