Watering Devices For Vegetable Garden

There are at least four types of watering devices that could be used to water the vegetable garden.  They include soaker hoses, drip irrigation systems, hand-held watering wands, and any of the lawn watering tools such as the oscillating sprinkler. 

We don't like the lawn watering sprinklers because if you have a choice, it is better to get water to vegetable plants at the soil level avoiding getting all the foliage wet (yes we know that is what rain does).  We also don't particularly recommend the drip irrigation systems for the veggie patch because the plants in a vegetable garden are being moved around all through the season requiring readjusting the drip system many times.  Drip systems are great for flower gardens. 

So we prefer to use a soaker hose system backed up by the hand-held watering wand or watering can for spot watering where needed. 

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