Japanese Larch

Japanese Larch, (Larix kaempferi)
Similar in most ways to the American Larch, this native of Japan will also grow to 75 feet tall with a spread of 40 feet but it will grow faster. Preferring zones 4 to 7 it likes a more southern climate than does the American Larch. Its delicate blue-green pendulous branchlets that turn golden yellow in the fall. The summer color of the needles is bluer than the European. Another distinguishing feature is that the tips of the cone scales are bent outwards and backwards, whereas cones of the American and European Larch do not have out-bent scale tips.

Japanese Larch Choices
Blue Dwarf is a low, slow-growing plant with bluish foliage. Blue Rabbit is a cone-shaped plant with blue foliage. Diana has contorted branches and foliage. Haverbeck is a low, wide plant. Pendula has a weeping form

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