MYKE® for Houseplants

MYKE® Indoor Plant

MYKE® Indoor Plant is used on tropical indoor plants or flowering houseplants. It prolongs the life of houseplants while ensuring greener foliage. MYKE for indoor plants will help towards better moisture management. It contains mycorrhizae on a natural coarse granulated carrier containing perlite and peat.

Instructions For Use
1. Moisten the potting mix before using
2. Apply a layer of mYKE in the hole and on the sides
3. Plant the plant
4. Cover with soil and water well.

When using MYKE growth supplements ( called MYCORISE™) only one application is needed. The product should be placed as close to the roots or the root zone as you can so the roots can be colonized by the fungus in the product. It takes about 4 weeks for this to happen. As the roots grow, the mycorrhizae will develop and multiply along with those expanding roots.

MYKE Indoor Plant cannot be colonized on orchids, azaleas, and crassulas.

MYKE Indoor Plant is available in .5 quart containers.

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