MYKE® for Starting Seeds

MYKE® Seed Starting Kit
MYKE® Seed Starting Kit is a 100% natural product especially formulated for all types of seedlings; annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables. It causes more rapid development of the root system of your plants and it increases the survival rate of the seedlings after they are transplanted. You need no fertilizer; you just add your seeds and some water.

This kit includes everything you need to start seeds. It includes:
11 x 21 inch reusable leakproof tray
36 biodegradable 2 inch peat pots
3.6 quarts of dry organic seeding mix
.4 quart of mycorrhizae

Instructions For Use
1. Separate pots and place them in 4 rows of 9 in the tray
2. Incorporate the entire MYKE PRO ENDO package (mycorrhizae) to the planting mix and mix it thoroughly.
3. Moisten the mix before filling the pots and 2 cups of water
4. Fill pots with the mix
5. Sow seeds according to species specific recommendations
6. Keep the mix mnoist for good germination.

Broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carnations, kochias, alyssums, and lupins cannot be colonized by the fungus in MYKE Seed Starter Kit.

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