MYKE® For Trees & Shrubs

MYKE® TREE & SHRUB contains mycorrhizae in a natural medium coarse granulated carrier (vermiculite, perlite, peat and compost) efficient on both broad-leaf trees and evergreens. It contains no chemical additives.
100% natural, this product increases the rapid development of the root system of the tree or shrub being treated. MYKE will ensure a better recovery and survival after planting or transplanting a tree or shrub.

Use MYKE For New Trees, Shrubs, or Hedges
1. Choose appropriate site for species according to light and soil requirements. Follow the planting instructions found in YardenerÔÇÖs Helper Planting Shrubs or Planting Trees.

2. After the hole is properly dug, apply a layer of MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB to the walls of the hole so that new roots are in contact with the product. A small hole might take a tablespoon, a larger hole might take a half a cup.

3. Then plant the tree or shrub according to instructions found in YardenerÔÇÖs Helper Planting Shrubs or Planting Trees.

Use MYKE For Existing Trees, Shrubs, or Hedges

1. Dig a number of holes (6"-12" deep equivalent to depth of roots) around the drip line of your tree or shrub. For smaller trees or shrubs dig four to six holes about six to eight inches deep and 6 -8 inches across. (use 1/4 cup of MYKE) or for larger trees or shrubs dig 6 to 8 holes twelve inches deep and 1 foot across(use 1/2 cup of MYKE).

2. Ensure holes are dug at a distance from trunk equal to the spread of the plant. This is where the active roots absorb nutrients

3. Apply the product MYKE® TREE AND SHRUB in each hole

4. Cover with soil and water thoroughly.

Special Note - Blueberries, Azaleas, and Rhododendrons cannot be colonized by mycorrhizae. If you did apply MYKE to the soil of these plants it would cause no harm.

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