Maintaining a Water Supply

Provide Dependable Water

Keep water clean: Murky or dirty water is unhealthy for birds. Provide fresh water daily or every other day at least in the summer when algae is a problem. It is also wise to scrub baths periodically. Use a special birdbath brush or any brush for this task.

Keep birdbaths filled: Hot, dry summer weather quickly evaporates water from shallow pans and baths just when birds need water most. Do not depend on rainfall to replace it. Develop a routine for filling or topping off birdbaths when you water your outdoor container plants and hanging baskets. Or, buy a self-filling birdbath to eliminate this problem.

Adjust water depth: Large and small birds prefer water at different depths. Modify commercial birdbath models that are too deep for many of the smaller songbirds. Set a flat stone in the deepest part to make it more shallow or simply fill it only part way. Or, choose a model with a built-in island in the middle which permits easy access to the water for all birds.

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