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Mosquitoes are familiar and annoying pests of humans and animals. Their rapid wing movement produces a distinctive high-pitched hum that often occurs at 2:00 AM in the bedroom. Their bites cause red, itchy welts.

Mosquitoes whether they occur in the home, around the yard or at a family outing, can make life miserable. Many recreational and work activities have been ruined by the constant annoyance and irritation caused by the bites of these pests. In addition, some mosquitoes are capable of transmitting serious diseases including malaria and encephalitis to man and heart worm to dogs.

Adjusting and Let Live
Many people are now asking how to control these pests in and around their homes. An important thing to remember is that while there are several options available to reduce the number of mosquitoes breeding on your premises, this may not result in a reduction in mosquito numbers or biting activity. Mosquitoes will disperse several miles from where they develop. Therefore, you could eliminate all mosquito breeding on your property and still be bothered by mosquitoes dispersing into your backyard from adjacent areas.

We will have mosquito problems as long as we keep getting lots of rain. The ground is already saturated. With each rainfall, we can expect mud puddles to fill, fields to stay wet and mosquitoes to thrive. Because when rain is continually in the forecast, your best protection is to wear repellent. Most products will last for several hours before a reapplication is needed."

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