Biting Insects

There are only a few insects in a yard’s ecology that will bite or sting humans. Sometimes however, even one bite is one too much. The best approach to dealing with biting and stinging insects is to get to know those particular characters that you might find in your yard. Once you learn about these pests, the more likely you will avoid any contact and pain.

In some cases, we can simply avoid an area where a particular pest might be found, such as avoiding walking in tall weeds during tick season. In cases where we see some flying pests such as hornets, wasps, or bees, it is usually best to simply ignore them and they will go on about their business. In certain situations however, we need to take some direct action. We cannot tolerate a fire ant nest in the yard, we don’t want a paper wasp nest hanging right by the front door, and we don’t want to be pestered by mosquitoes every time we go outside.

These files help you understand biting insects and in those instances when you want to take some direct action, how to deal with these critters effectively and still be safe.

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