Nash's Mole Trap

Nash Mole Trap

Choker Loop Mole Trap
Safe to use - no dangerous spikes. Proven to be very effective. Easy set up and operation. Safe around children and pets. No bait needed. Durable construction. Galvanized steel and cast aluminum. Rust proof.

These traps can capture the mole no matter which direction he is moving in the tunnel. Nash mole traps work best in soils free of rocks and roots such as can be found in clay or sandy soils.

Just find the surface tunnels, cut slits for the circular bars to set in, tap down the spot for the trigger (which the mole pushes up) and you are are ready to go. No sharp spikes to endanger pets and children.

Easy set up and operation. Safe near children and pets. Galvanized all spring steel construction with cast aluminum base.


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