Natural Plant Specific Fertilizers

Most garden centers sell fertilizers that have designed to feed a specific group of plants. You can find fertilizers for roses, fertilizers for holly plants, and fertilizers for azaleas among others. If you have these plants, then you can be confident that if you use these plant specific fertilizers, your plant is getting just the right mixture of major and minor elements to keep that plant healthy and happy. Here again we recommend you use only natural organic plant specific fertilizers.  The problems caused by synthetic fertizlers are found in these products just as in lawn fertilizers.

At the same time, most of the plants for which there are plant specific fertilizer products will do fine being fed with general purpose fertilzers.

These natural plant specific fertilizer products have been formulated to respond to the particular needs of each group of plants from bulbs to trees. They are usually sold in smaller bags than the general purpose and lawn fertilizers.

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