Other Feeders

Others feeders, besides suet cages, accommodate the specific food preferences and feeding habits of particular bird species: You can see examples of all these feeders in Yardener’s Tool Shed. Click Here

Hummingbird_feeders are typically plastic or glass reservoirs that hold a sugar water substitute for flower nectar. Hummers access the liquid from ports located in or near bright red plastic wrap-around perches. Look for models that are easily dismantled, because they must be cleaned several times a week to prevent a toxic mold developing from the sugar water.

Thistle stockings, columnar bags of fine nylon mesh, hold only thistle seed beloved by finches who pluck the tiny seeds through the mesh fabric.

Oriole feeders are basically fruit holders, usually made of wood or clear plastic. They feature a sharpened peg or other device for mounting orange halves, a perch and, possibly, a roof that overhangs the fruit.

Peanut feeders feature wire mesh feeding ports large enough to allow woodpeckers to pluck peanuts through.

Window_bird_feeders are typically roofed clear plastic trays with bar perches which attach to glass with suction cups. They hold about a pound of seed and accommodate both large and small birds. Solarium models actually fit into an open window sash and protrude into your house.

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