pH Adjusting Soil Amendments

The pH of your soil is important because if a soil is too acidic or too alkaline many important nutrients needed by plants are not readily available as they need to be. Most landscape plants prefer a soil pH that ranges from 6.0 (acidic) to 7.5 (alkaline) with 7.0 being a neutral pH. There are certain landscape plants that actually prefer a more acid soil and there are a few that really like a more alkaline soil.

However, the issue for most homeowners is whether the soil’s pH around the house is more acid than 6.0 or more alkaline than 7.5. In those cases, most of your plants are not going to be happy and healthy and something needs to be done to rectify that problem. For more information about changing the pH of your soil, go to the discussion of soil pH in Yardener's Helper.

The products described on the left have impact on the pH of your soil and will help you solve pH problems.

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