Pallette Bin

Pallette Bin
All kinds of materials are suitable for holding bins. As long as the design allows for the admission of air into the pile of organic stuff within and drainage of moisture to the outside, almost anything goes.

[Line drawing - Pallette Bin]

Scrap wooden pallets make a fine compost or holding bin if you happen to have access to such a resource. Stand them on their edges so that they make 3 or four foot tall sides for the enclosure. Fasten them together so that they form a box and start storing yard debris.

Shopping List
wooden pallets of same size4
12 inches of insulated wire or
braided non-metallic, non-elastic cord16 pieces

Power or hand drill
Drill bit 1/4 inch


1. Drill four 1/4" holes in a pattern through the end boards of each pallet as shown in the line drawing. Cut 16 pieces of the tie material about a foot long. Position two pallets in the selected bin location, run the tie material through the holes and tie them together. Repeat for pallets number 3 and 4.

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