Building Compost Bin

There is no question that building your own composting bin saves money. Perhaps more important, it is the only way to have a bin that accomodates a pile larger than the minimum standard 3 x 3 x 3 feet (22 bushels of material) avaiable in commercially built bins.

The major variable in the design of your own bin will be the materials you choose to use. It is not uncommon for backyard bins to be constructed of whatever materials happen to be available for free. The following compost bin designs are therefore listed in terms of their construction material--cement block, wire, wood, and other. Bin designs also vary in terms of the degree of building skills and tools required. There are some very simple designs below, as well as some fairly sophisticated designs for especially handy homeowners who aspire to have the best compost system in the neighborhood. It is impossible to accurately estimate the costs of these bins because the cost of the materials varies so across the country. Also, most people are going to have some of them already on hand.

Different Types of Bins
Material Capacity (Bushels)
Cement Block
Cement Block Enclosure - 1 section 25
Cement Block Enclosure - 3 sections 75
Block Bin with wooden front 25
Turkey wire bin 40
Rat wire bin 22
Heavy Duty Ratwire Bin 50 per section
Seattle Bin 20 per section
New Zealand Bin 39
Lehigh bin 22
Other materials
Pallette bin 22 or more
50 gallon drum 6
Snow fence bin 3' diameter 39

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