Snow Fence Bin

Snow Fence Bin
Snow fence makes a nice "collapsable" bin that is light, inexpensive, and easy to move. You can lift it off from around an established pile and set it down alongside the pile to refill to accomplish turning the pile.

[Line drawing - Snow Fence Bin]

1/4" x 1 1/2" galvanized carriage bolts/washers/wingnuts 3
Use either a 10 foot length of snow fencing 4 feet wide for a bin 3 feet in diameter or a 13 foot length of snow fencing 4 feet wide for a bin 4 feet in diameter.

Tape measure
Hand or power drill with 1/4" bit
Socket or crescent wrench for tightening nuts on bolts
Safety glasses
Two 4-inch C-clamps


1. On one end slat of the length of fencing mark spots 3 inches in from each end and at the center point where holes are to be drilled.

2. Clamp together the slats at either end of the length of fencing (forming the fencing into a cylinder) and drill a 1/4" hole where the marks indicate on the one slat. Insert the carriage bolt from the inside of the cylinder and fasten it with the washers and wing nuts and then remove the clamps.

3. Place the cylinder of fencing upright on a level piece of ground. The supports shown in the sketch are optional. When the snow fence bin is filled with material it becomes pretty stable.

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