Planting Flowering Plum

Plant Flowering Plum trees in the sun. They need about 8 full hours a day to be at their best. They can tolerate some shade, but it may cause their foliage to lose its rich, purple color and turn greenish. To avoid damage from late frosts, it is a good idea to site them on a north slope or on the north side of a building which keeps them shaded a bit in the winter and delays bud development until the spring is more advanced. Plant them on a high spot that assures good air circulation. Because they cannot cope with soggy soil, be sure the soil drains well. Flowering Plum Trees are not terribly fussy about the type of soil they are in, tolerating heavier soils than many other kinds of fruit trees. They prefer soil that is slightly acid to neutral (pH 6.0 to 7.5). For more information see the file on Planting A Tree

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