Planting Honey Locust

Honeylocusts grow throughout the Mid-west from the Gulf of Mexico north to the southern Michigan border and into the east up to New England (zone 4). They can withstand winter temperatures that dip to -20°F. or more.

Honeylocusts grow best in full sun, but tolerate light shade. Their natural habitat is rocky hillsides, open or wooded pastures, fence rows and around abandoned fields where they serve as windbreaks in the Midwest. They prefer a well-drained soil, either fine sandy clay, or heavy loam that is slightly acid to neutral (pH 6.1 to 7.5), but they grow in almost any soil as long as it s not too wet or acidic. Plant Honeylocusts in either the spring or fall. For more information see the file on Planting A Tree

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