Prevent Leafhoppers

Animal Predators of Leafhoppers -Chickadees, purple finches, sparrows, swallows, titmice, and wrens love to eat leafhoppers.

Insect Predators
Green Lacewings will attack leafhoppers, and if you can keep them in your garden, they may be worth purchasing. Check out Beneficial Insects in Yardener's Tool Shed.

Parasitic (Non-stinging) Wasp -Braconid, ichneumonid, and trichogramma wasps attack leafhoppers.

Assassin bugs, bigeyed bugs, damselflies, and syrphid flies are important predators. Parasitic wasps, which occur naturally, are also valuable in controlling these pests.

Other Preventive Steps -Weed control is effective in reducing egg-laying sites. Get rid of thistles, plantains, and dandelions especially.

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