Preventing Yellowjackets Next Year

Occasionally yellowjackets reestablish colonies in the same nest over several seasons in a neglected spot such as a passive compost pile or an uncultivated flower bed. One way to eliminate a potential colony at that site is to trap the surviving queen as she emerges from the nest after winter hibernation. Try a shallow pan--bright yellow seems to work best--filled with sugar water and a (drop)or two of liquid soap. Lured by the sugar, the queen falls in the water. The soap prevents her escape. Set traps near the area where colonies seem to reappear. They are especially effective in hobby greenhouses bothered by recurring yellowjacket colonies.

To effectively prevent yellowjackets from establishing nests in your yard keep it groomed. They prefer neglected, undisturbed areas, so mow the lawn regularly, cut back weeds with a string trimmer and clean up debris, especially around fences and outbuildings. Keep trash cans clean and tightly covered so that there is no dependable food source for a prospective colony.

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