Problems of Buckeye Trees

The trees in this Buckeye family are considered fairly free of problems. The leaf and flower litter of this family of trees in the summer and fall may be objectionable to some yardeners since the leaves are large and decompose slowly. The nuts make good food for wildlife buy you may not want it scattered along city streets.

The Red Buckeye gets leaf scorch in hot, dry summers. It is susceptible to webworms and leaf spot, but not as vulnerable to mildew as is the Horse Chestnut.

The Horse chestnut is weak-wooded and some branches break from the trunk under ice or snow loads. The tree usually develops leaf scorch in dry soil, and powdery mildew during the summer, causing leaves to drop. Leaf blotch disease is also common. Japanese beetles can attack the Horse Chestnut from time to time.

The Yellow Buckeye is less susceptible to leaf scorch than other buckeyes.

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