Problems of European Beech

Problems of European Beech
SymptomsProbable Causes
Leaves curled and distortedAphids
Many holes in branches; smaller limbs girdled sawdust at holesBorers
Limbs die; large holes appear; starting at top of treeAsian Long Horned Beetle
Small bumps on leaves and branchesScale Insects
Holes in leavesCaterpillars And Loopers
Swollen; bleeding lesions on stems and trunkCanker
Leaves appear spotted; then scorchedLeaf Mottle
Leaves spotted; fall prematurelyLeaf Spot, A Fungal Diseases
Leaves covered with white powderPowdery Mildew, A Fungal Disease
On young trees foliage looks burnedDog Urine
Bark of stems and roots gnawedRodent Injury
When young portions of foliage disappear, or young tips disappear, bark peeled in stripsDeer

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