Repellents For Armadillos

Deprive Armadillo of Food

The armadillo is sometimes a problem in the yard because there is fruit on the ground from fruit trees or berry bushes. By raking up that waste fruit on the ground you reduce the interest of the armadillo in your yard. Compost piles should not have any vegetables or fruit just sitting on top. Bury the garbage into the pile to reduce the armadillo interest.


Repel the Armadillo With Touch

Another untested suggestion – there is a product on the market called ScareCrow” which is effective in repelling deer, rabbits, and raccoons by spritzing them unexpectedly with a spray of water. The device senses the movement of the animal with a built-in motion detector, so if the animal moves to another part of the yard, the device spritzes it again. This device may work on armadillos.


Repel by Bad Taste and Smell

If the armadillo is bothering you flower bed or vegetable garden, a taste repellent can be effective in causing the critter to move on to other sites.

Here is an untested suggestion. Pest moles do not like the taste or smell of castor oil. There are on the market a number of mole repellent products using castor oil as their base. The product is sprayed on the lawn and then watered into the soil. The oil coats the bodies of the earthworms and the grubs that the mole eats. If he eats any oil-coated critters he gets a horrendous stomach ache and moves on to less tummy upsetting territory. If this technique works for moles it might work for armadillos; they eat the same grubs and earthworms.

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